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Welcome from Professors and Seniors

Dear Incoming Marketing Students, 

Congratulations on gaining entry to the NBS Marketing specialization! As your professors and seniors in the programme, we hereby extend to you a warm welcome to this most exciting field of study. You have made the right choice to specialize in Marketing because:

  • Marketing is an extremely important function in most corporations and, as a marketer, you will be part of a respected and glamourous profession.
  • Marketing offers many rewarding career options including (and not limited to) brand management, key account management, advertising, hospitality marketing, and business development.
  • The Marketing modules you will undergo will prepare you well to secure attractive career opportunities after graduation. Even for those of you who choose to go into non-marketing careers, the Marketing education will serve to enrich your minds and broaden your skill sets, making you a highly versatile and sought-after job candidate.

In the next two years of your bachelor programme, you can look forward to receiving rigourous analytical and methodological training in various areas of Marketing, gaining valuable on-the-job experience through internships, and participating in a variety of the industry-oriented activities organized by the MarkeTHINK club.

Below is a brief overview of what you will experience as an NBS Marketing student.

Prof. Wee Chow Hou
Head, Division of Marketing and International Business (MIB)
Dr. Ian McGovern
Deputy Head (MIB) and
Director, Marketing Specialisation

Dr. Lewis Lim
Advisor, MarkeTHINK Club
Charmaine Tan
President, MarkeTHINK Club

The Marketing Curriculum at a glance

As a Marketing major, you will take a set of core modules, most of which in Year 2 of the bachelor programme. During Year 3 (or during Year 2 if you can manage the load), you may take a few additional courses as electives to supplement your core knowledge and/or to focus your training on particular career directions.

For descriptions of individual module, click here. Feel free to approach either Prof Ian McGovern or Prof Lewis Lim for advice on electives to take.

MarkeTHINK Club Activities

Catering to both first and second spec Marketing students, the MarkeTHINK club serves as the bridge between students and corporate entities. Through competitions, seminars, networking sessions, you will have the opportunities
to challenge existing marketing assumptions and apply your knowledge to real world situations.  Through strong collaborations with companies like 3M and Gelare, the club has raised the profile of NBS Marketing students. The MarkeTHINK club will be organizing a Welcome Day on 15 September 2010, 1230pm at the NBS Student Lounge. During the session, there will also be recruitment of new sub-committee members. Be sure you are there to find out more about the interesting activities lined up for you!  Please visit our website and join our Facebook group for more updates!

Internships / Career Services

As a marketing student, you’ll have a wide range of internship opportunities awaiting you! Past students have done brand marketing, trade marketing, advertising, PR, market research, and marketing operations during their internships.

"Through my internship I got to experience a different side of marketing which I wasn’t exposed to in class! It was really fun!"

Charmaine Tan, MKG/3, MarkeTHINK Club President, intern at Symantec – Marketing Operations

The NBS Career Services office offers help such as one-to-one career discussions, resume review and referrals for internship opportunities.

 Click here to find out more!


The school organizes many competitions catering to marketing students. Through these competitions, students are able to stretch their
limits and apply marketing knowledge to solving real life issues. Some marketing competitions not to be missed are L’Oreal Brandstrorm, the 3M Markethink competition and the Asian Business Case competition. Do check your email for announcements of these competitions.

Alumni Network

To allow marketing students to know more about their career prospect as a marketing graduate, the MarkeTHINK club and career services often organise alumni networking sessions. During such sessions, alumni from reputable companies like Adidas, Loreal, 3M etc will be present to share their experiences as marketing graduates.   

RSVP for Welcome Day    

The Marketing Club is organising a Welcome Day for all Marketing Students!

Date : 15 September 2010 (Wednesday)
Venue: NBS Student Lounge, S3-B3
Time: 1230- 1430 hrs

There will be sharing of experiences by fellow Marketing students, and you’ll get to meet Marketing seniors and professors!  The MarkeTHINK club will also be recruiting sub-committee members on that day.

Please RSVP here!